Lunar Automotive Ltd have announced to the dealer network that they will be looking to offer a reduced level of warranty on 2017, 2018 and 2019 caravans.

Initially, we were very pleased to hear this news. However, we have since been informed that for Lunar Automotive Ltd to consider any warranty claims, the selling dealer would have to remain loyal to the Lunar Brand by renewing their franchise and commit to ordering a minimum number of 2020 model year stock.

At Sharman Caravans, we have many reasons why we are unable to renew our franchise with Lunar Automotive this year.

Unfortunately, this leaves our loyal customers without any warranty cover from Lunar Automotive. You will still receive the same manufacturer’s warranty on equipment in the caravans e.g. Fridge, oven, toilets etc. As this is not provided by Lunar but by the manufacturer of the product.

As a company, Sharman Caravans will be as helpful as we can and look at each individual case if and when warranty issues arise.

As much as we would like to cover all the Lunar manufacturer’s warranty, I’m sure you can appreciate that as a business this is not a sustainable offer. We would like to remain in business for many years to come to continue to service all our customers’ needs.

We will continue to be as helpful and accommodating as possible to our customers, so please feel free to discuss any issues with us directly.